Other Volvo-Related Sites...

http://www.autoacforum.com - Auto air conditioning forum.

The BrickBoard - Volvo mail.

engine-books.com - Where to buy Engine Service, by Gary Lewis, a superb textbook on rebuilding automotive engines of all kinds. Covers teardown, measuring, machining, inspection, diagnosis, repair, assembly, installation and break-in, among other things. Truly comprehensive.

Genuine Classic Parts - Licensed by Volvo to distribute parts for vintage Volvos. Site includes parts manuals for 1800s and other Volvos.

IPD Company, Inc. - Respected Volvo parts catalog company.

Karl Målberg's Volvo 1800 Picture Gallery - Many photos, owner's manual, more.

McMaster-Carr Catalog - Industrial supplies, from raw materials to component parts. Not Volvo-specific.

Old Air Products - Supplier of auto air conditioning parts. Online catalog, friendly sales staff.

P1800 E-Mail List - Broad-based support group for Volvo 1800 owners.

The Saint's Volvo P1800

Volvo Club of America

Volvo Club of America Texas Chapter

Volvo Lovers' Webring - Volvo links.

VolvoSolutions.com - Nice collection of manuals, etc.

V-Classics Interactive Magazine

Kirk's Volvo Page - Including a list of Volvo1800s by chassis number.

Washington Volvo Club - Washington, D.C.

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